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Texas Storm Restoration Services

History of Mike Biles, Peak Storm’s Founder

Hi, I’m Mike.

Since 1987 I have been involved in property restorations in some form. I began with a small commercial pressure washing, painting and general maintenance company that served retail centers and restaurants to make some extra money while attending the University of Texas.  Upon graduation I began brokering residential, then commercial real estate, also buying and rehabbing rental properties and flipping houses.


In 2007 when the national economic collapse occurred, and the real estate industry came to a standstill, I was becoming a bit desperate as I had no job and several rental properties sitting vacant and eating cash.  So, based on an invitation from a college friend, I went to Houston area to work with a construction company that was repairing property damage from the devastatingly high winds of Hurricane Ike.  While most of the US construction business was dead, this market was booming because it was insured repairs.  I quickly realized that this was good business for me and set my mind to learning everything I could about it.  The more I learned the better able I was to help my customers and be successful.

The more I learned the better able I was to help my customers and be successful.

In 2009 I started MLB Consulting, LLC and began working as an independent marketer, consultant and construction manager for existing local construction companies in areas that were hit by severe hail and wind storms all over the country. I’ve worked in Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Wyoming, Iowa, Georgia, and Texas. Local construction and roofing companies are often use to a different way of doing business and may not have the experience; they often don’t know how to effectively handle insurance claim business and help their customers through the situation.


Because I’ve been in the property rehab and real estate business most my life, and by that time handled hundreds of insurance claims and disputes, I was prepared to help property owners and companies who had been hit by these severe hail and wind storms. Years of living on the road is hard and I wanted to be closer to home so I partnered with a Texas company and have stayed within the bounds of the state since 2011. After many years of operating as a shadow company to construction companies I decided to break from that model and start Peak Storm Services, LLC.