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Peak Storm’s Commercial Services: What We Do

We do storm damage repairs to all types of commercial property, including hotels, retail centers, office buildings, industrial buildings, multifamily apartments, hospitals, and cattle and ranching facilities. We have a depth of experience with a wide variety of roofing installations including standing seam metal, R-Panel, U-Panel, thermoplastic olefin (TPO), modified bitumen, PVC, concrete and clay tile, and asphalt shingles.

Hail and wind storms usually damage much of the same building components year after year, such as roofs, window, doors, siding, stucco, EIFS, gutters, HVAC equipment, signage, paint, and solar panels. Our team at Peak Storm Services has years of experience working with all of these trades, identifying damage and correctly repairing and replacing these items. Since we are a general contractor, we integrate all of these repairs in the process and you don’t have to manage any of it.

The photo example on this page is the Holiday Inn Express West of San Antonio. Initially the owner wasn’t aware they had any significant hail damage. We uncovered that they had several hundred thousand dollars in damages, including three different types roofing (shingles, standing seam radius panels, modified bitumen), broken windows, damage to rock wall façade, holes in EIFS, broken light fixtures, dented signage, chipped paint, and damage to interior rooms, ceilings, and walls. We handled the entire project from start to finish and the property manager and owner had minimal involvement aside from signing a few papers and approving our work.

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We’ve seen a lot!

Whether it’s hail, wind, or water…we’ve seen and handled just about every type of situation mother nature can throw at a building. We’ve worked with hundreds of different insurance claim situations and have a depth of experience few in the industry have.

Our goal and our business model is to handle everything for you so you can continue to focus on running your business.

Whether it’s hail, wind, or water, we’ve seen just about every type of situation Mother Nature can throw at commercial properties. Peak Storm Services has the real-world experience and proven track record to ensure that we can restore your commercial property, allowing you to continue focusing on running your business. We do everything all under one roof!

Samples from Our Commercial Restoration Portfolio

Let us handle the storm damage and insurance companies so you can focus on your business.
Peak Storm Services handles storm, hail, wind, or tornado damage, all under one roof.
Peak Storm Services restores storm, hail, wind, water, and tornado damage for a variety of commercial housing units, from hotels to apartment complexes.
Peak Storm Services solves your storm damaged property, music to your ears.
Peak Storm Services is a licensed, bonded, and insured full-service storm restoration company, not just a roofing company.