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Residential Storm Restoration

Peak Storm Services has helped dozens of home owners restore their homes and their peace of mind, making your house feel just like home again in no time.

Storm Restoration for Your Home

Mike Biles and his team has helped countless home owners restore their homes and their peace of mind. Unlike most of our competitors who only want to do your roofing and gutters, we handle EVERYTHING for you. With years of experience and being an ex-licensed insurance adjuster, and handling many, many insurance claim disputes, we understand how the insurance company is going to handle your claim and know exactly what you as a homeowner need to do to get an accurate claim settlement.

We will do an intensive inspection of ALL the damage to your home and have our subcontractors prepare bids for all the items. We will compile our findings and present them to the insurance company and work to achieve a complete and fair settlement price for all the repairs needed. Once an agreement has been reached, we will do all the repairs and handle all the final paperwork, so you essentially have very little to do once you hire us. And we do all of this for a fair price the insurance company is paying; you are only responsible for the deductible.

Our team of experienced roofers and construction specialists have a wide breadth of knowledge about nearly every roofing system on the market.

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Let us help you with hail, storm, wind, water, or tornado damage.
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